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Life is an Exploration


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  Exploration makes dreams into reality  


. Life Casting - Exact three dimensional replica of life captured in time forever.

.The American Spirit Foundation - Collection of life casts of 200 famous Americans for the 200 anniversary of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

.FX/Makeup - Realistic wounds and injuries insure realism for mucilage and emergency response and the movie industry.

.3D Art Sculpture - Sculptures from life size skeletons surfing to students studying for finals.

.Tile Work - Three dimensional tile - Malibu type tile art deco.

.Ceramics - Tea Service (Bone China) - Mason jar containers - Plates (Earth's Home Plate).

.Bead Work - Beautiful necklaces, bracelets, etc.

.Books - The Trade Show - The World as a Classroom.



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