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I have had many mentors that have helped me to be who I am and have allowed me to have thoughts and ideas that I have. I have learned from the famous and great minds of our time. I mention a few; Socrates, Dr. Suess, Poe, Hume, Tesla, Greg Irons, Scott Hensey, and my family mostly important my mother Reita Steele. I journey into each art project backed by these individuals ideas and perspectives. I have gained from being apart of the people of the world. Teaching in my school has allowed me to grow with a population of humans that our on their own journey and grow with them.


1980 - 1983 Production of latex masks - part of the Los Angeles Mask Festival

1984 Olympic Art Festival - part of the Los Angeles Olympics

1987 - 1991 The American Spirit Foundation commemorating the Bicentennial of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - 200 Famous faces - A life cast project creating 200 faces of famous Americans including; Jonas Salk, Buzz Aldrin, Muhammad Ali, Steven Spielberg, Dizzy Gillespie.

1991 Main Street Gallery "Between the Cracks" art show

1991 Moulage assistance F/X makeup Los Angeles Fire Department

1992 Universal Studios - Emergency prepared ness program classes F/X makeup

1992 Universal Studios - Emergency prepared ness movie. F/X makeup for 150 extras


1980 It's Elementary Apple - Computer book

2004 The Trade Show - Computer curriculum

2006 The World as a Classroom - Outdoor Education book


1978 - 2006 Outdoor education summer program exploring the Southern California area

1978 - 2006 Westchester Lutherna Middle School - Computer education - Outdoor education - Science

1984 - 1989 Los Angeles Learning Annex - Life Casting

1981, 2004 Teacher of the year


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