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tiles 02011.png


Bone China
- Human skull teapot, 4 skull cups,  poured in white slip clay and glazed in a clear porcelain overcoat.

Price - $400.00

 Mason Canisters - poured in white clay slip and glazed in a clear porcelain overcoat with glaze overlays that are applied . Canisters made to order - click on pic below to see canisters designs - Price - $75.00


exploration web pics 01511.png

California Poppies and Lupine

Terra cotta tile framed in mahogany. Six tiles glazed and grouted that are then glued and framed for outdoor presentation. Easy to hang . 

 Price - $370.00

tim leary 002.png

Timothy Leary sculptural piece - Real life cast sculptural piece casted in resin with three faces of Tim Leary topped by a sculpted psyhedelic atomic explosion lite from below. Price - $600.00



Los Angeles Cityscape tile 

Six white clay slip tiles glazed and fired then grouted and glued.

Easy to hang. Price - $325.00


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